"To say that I was amazed by the performance of Nochar (NFP) is an understatement. There is no way to stop all fires, but I can think of a thousand applications where your product could help prevent a fire from starting.

Today's houses are made from such light weight wood members, I wish every piece of lumber was treated with a fire retardant. Estimates are that the loss from any fire is 20% or greater to the home owner. Your product could reduce that number. If it prevented a fire from starting in an attic or basement, the savings would be immeasurable."

Guy c. Williams
Fire Chief
Wood River, IL

Calco Applications Inc.
Your home or business is one of the biggest and most important purchases you'll probably ever make in your life. You owe it to yourself to have it fully protected against the destructive effects of fire damage. Nochar's Fire Preventer ensures your home, family and business are protected in a fire emergency. The Nochar's line of products will prevent flammable building materials from blazing out of control during a fire. This prevents substantial damage occurring, but most importantly, this protection gives you and those in the building or home the necessary time to escape to safety.

For hazadous materials cleanup and containment, the Nochar line of products is at the forefront of technology. Nochar offers product lines for Petroleum based spills as well as Acids and Bio-Hazardous spills. The Nochar line includes not only solidifying agents but containment products for hazardous liquid spills.

Discover the Nochar's line of products and see for yourself how these innovative products have been protecting homes and businesses for years.

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